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Annabel Lee Essay Outline

             Annabel Lee was a poem written by Edgar Allan Poe in his last years of life. It could be considered a dramatic fairy tale that was written about the love he shared with his wife, Virginia). The poem is very much like a story ending traumatically. The love between the two in the story is so strong, that even after the death of Annabel Lee, Edgar's love for her still remains the same. Therefore, this poem refers to the idea of lost love, family and the forces of nature about the man. (Thesis).
             First Topic Sentence.
             Analyzing the reason of this poem, one finds a clear rationale for Annabel Lee: the idea of lost love. .
             Supporting Information.
             Over the course of the poem we can see how the 'I ' lyric expressed distress at such a loss, and this feeling is distressing the engine that drives the rationale for this lyrical composition. This is completely evident in Annabel Lee and the poem has a very neat and aesthetic thought in advance to have the desired effect on the reader. We can see this theme reflected in the stanza number five .
             "And neither the angels in heaven above,.
             Nor the demons down under the sea,.
             Can ever dissever my soul from the soul.
             Of the beautiful Annabel Lee.".
             Expanding Detail.
             The reason being the loss of a great love, the theme of Annabel Lee is the lyrical pain against premature death of his beloved Annabel Lee. Reflected in the second stanza "I was a child and she was a child". They was children who believed that they love more than whoever, like the children in this century who love them and they feel expert.
             Concluding Sentences: Each stanza of the poem has been designed to remind us, as one reads it, those lovers ever get back together; it is a lyrical work where the regret is constant and every verse seems to contain a sob.
             Second Topic Sentence: Also noteworthy is the theme of family that Edgar Allan Poe has show in 'Annabel Lee' for referencing a one loves that is forbidden or that the family does not allow them to be together.

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