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The AP English Language Exam

             There are two different areas of persuasive essays that could possibly be on the English III AP exam. One is defending, challenging, or qualifying a claim and the other is evaluating the pros and cons of a claim. A D/C/Q question is when you need to persuasively agree, disagree or qualify a stated quotation though a well-reasoned presentation of evidence developed from observation, experience or reading in argumentation form with appropriate diction. This type of essay should display careful thought and detailed development of evidence that shows the ability of writing a sound argument with persuasive force. .
             The first step in this essay is to accurately define the assertion being made. Before writing anything, you should make sure that your interpretation of the assertion is accurate so you won't be making an assumption. You need to take a clear position, or wavering between positions, on the issue and be aware of any prejudicial attitudes or stereotypes that may create a bias opinion. In order to successfully write this essay you need to offer credible and appropriate evidence to support your stand on the issue. This type of evidence should be specific and accurate and relevant to your claim. Begin with an opening sentence which makes a personal observation about the question that shows you thinking, get right to the point, and end with the thesis you made while brainstorming. Naturally state your stance on the assertion by simply explaining it in your own words and avoid using "I" statements. There should be at least three body paragraphs after the introductory paragraph. Each body paragraph should have a concrete detailed sentence that supports the topic sentence stated in your thesis, followed by evidence and your commentary. In the conclusion, you are clearly restating your thesis once more and tying up loose ends established in the introduction. Yay. In a pros and cons essay, you are simply stating the advantages and disadvantages of the assertion presented in the article and then clearly showing in an argumentative essay how one is more persuasive than the other.

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