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Marketing Analysis - Johnson & Johnson

             Johnson & Johnson has created a line of health care products under a brand called Clean & Clear. Now, a well-known line of product in the industry, their mission statement is to provide skin care and acne treatment products that help to keep skin 'Clean & Clear'. Johnson & Johnson are profoundly optimistic about their future and their competitiveness in this fast – changing, rewarding market. As well as their ability to make positive, life-saving and life-improving products. In an economic point of view, Johnson & Johnson invested 7.5 billion dollars in R and D (based on 2011 information) and have one of the strongest new products portfolios in the industry. Two thirds of Johnson & Johnsons growth over the past 10 years has come from organic growth tied to innovation, with the balance coming from licensing, partnerships and acquisitions. The Economic growth continues to log in many parts of the world and governments economics increasingly focused on their health care system.
             Based on technology, Clean & Clear will promote their product through commercials and advertising of product through websites. In commercials, Clean & Clear often uses teenaged and young adult females since this is one of their main demographic for their products. Through watching their commercials, I notice their backgrounds are bright with minimal distractions so their clear faces can standout more to give the impression these products guarantee to provide healthy skin. The company Johnson & Johnson offers a broad range of specialties for information technology professionals to play a critical business role in exploring and refining information strategies and evaluating new technologies. Their knowledge and experience may be applied toward innovative product information systems to deploy sourcing and logistics applications or internal information and communication systems. .
             Demographics .
             Clean and Clear usually demographic are focused towards female teenagers and young adults.

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