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Titration Experiment

            Titration is a laboratory method that is use to determine how the unknown concentration in a substance. A titration is used to measure to how much volume of the solution is reactive with another solution. It is usually determine with by the colour change. Titration is used to trace the purity of chemicals that are synthesized. This is important as a tiny amount of impurity in a drug can cause harm to the patient. There are three types of titration, the first type is an acid base where the results are based through color change. Redox titration is based on the reaction an oxidising agent and a reducing agent. This type of titration do not use color indicators as the color changes are ++very intense. Gas phase titration determines reactive in gas. .
             The aim is to find out how much Vitamin C fruit juices contains. As for this experiment, I used pineapple and orange juice. The Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is an antioxidant every individuals need. The experiment, will involve using iodine. The iodine causes the Vitamin C to oxidise whilst the iodine is reduce into iodide ions. Once the all the Vitamin C has been oxidized, the remaining iodine will react with the starch, forming a blue-black starch-iodine complex. .
             A stand with a clamp and burette attach to the clamp and a funnel: Use the funnel to fill the burette with iodine up until the solution reached zero. The burette has a plastic stopper which is used to deliver amounts of the iodine. The plastic stopper helps the person to control how much iodine solution use until the mixture develops a permanent color change. .
             - Conical flasks (9): The experiment needs three results for each: Vitamin C, pineapple juice and orange juice. Whilst a first flask is used, the other two will be prepared. .
             - Pipette and 25ml filler.
             - Small beakers: This is to hold the liquids (Vitamin C, pineapple and orange juice).
             - White tile: The color white will go against the color change, making the color changes in the substance appear more comprehensible.

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