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Steroids and PEDs in Sports

            In professional sports, the past 15 years have been tainted by our athlete's use of performance enhancing drugs. The injection of steroids and other PEDs, performance-enhancing drugs, has newly become the most controversial topic of todays sports. Competition has become so severe that it is now common for athletes to ingest PED's in order to gain an advantage over their peers. Everybody associated with this issue agrees that these enhancers are dangerous and not healthy for athletes to use. The argument lies in the allowance of professional athletes to use performance-enhancing drugs in their respective sports. .
             Due to technological advances, these drugs have become very accessible and available to even young high school athletes. According to the Associated Press of The New York Post, "In a confidential 2013 survey of 3,705 high school students, being released Wednesday by the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, 11 percent reported using synthetic HGH at least once- up from about 5 percent in the four preceding annual surveys. Teen use of steroids increased from 5 percent to 7 percent over the same period" (par. 2). This spike in the use of HGH and steroids is a real cause for concern and deserves attention. The inability for athletes to use steroids and other PEDS while in a society where these drugs are easily accessed prompts the idea of questioning whether or not PEDs should be accepted in modern day sports.
             Drugs in athletics have always been prohibited by various league rules and regulations. Even the fans have never supported athletes who have "cheated" in order to get ahead. Fans and sport officials argue that PED's take away the purity of the game and that the health risks are not worth the potential benefits. In today's sports, Major League Baseball, has been directly affected with PED's more than any other sport. A whole era, is described as the "Steroid Era" in which several baseball athletes where caught "juicing".

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