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Nick Bottom in A Midsummer Night's Dream

             Character Analysis: Nick Bottom.
             A Midsummers Nights Dreams is one of William Shakespeare's most notorious comical plays. The play, being one of the most acclaimed pieces of literature, has been adapted and brought to life through various theatrical performances and movie versions. However the most successful film adaptation is Michael Hoffman's movie version of the play released in the year 1999. Just like Shakespeare's written work, the film shows the events surrounding the marriage of the Duke of Athens, the romantic experiences of four young lovers, the ambiguous encounter of six unprofessional actors (also known as the Mechanicals) and the fairies. The fairies that reside the forest where most of the play is developed repeatedly play tricks on the Mechanicals as well as the four young lovers. The prominent factor that makes this movie stand out is Hoffman's direction and faithfulness towards to the play and the unique interpretation of actors. One such actor is Kevin Kline's portrayal of Nick Bottom who plays the lead in the play for the Duke, adds the comic relief that lightens the mood of the confused lovers, in Acts I and III, he is also the only human who interacts with the fairies. Actor Kevin Kline in his interpretation of the character, Nick Bottom, develops one of the most extraordinary performances in the film. Kline's charisma and humor in the role of one of the Mechanicals, whose deepest desire is to accomplish a lifelong dream, evokes from the audience sympathy and amusement. Being that the case, it's imperative to demonstrate through an analysis how Kevin Kline's depiction of Nick Bottom is a good contribution to acer Page 2 3/22/15film, taking into consideration standards of language, attitude and roll fulfillment, and how he was able to create a superfluous performance where innocence and tenacity for comic relief can be appreciated.

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