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Society and Traditional Gender Roles

            Gender roles play a vital factor in the societies. The society that includes many people who have different ideologies, how they can build the society up has many roles that almost dominate traditional or modern gender roles according to the views of people. According to Dictionary.com (2014), gender roles are defined as "The pattern of masculine or feminine behavior of an individual that is defined by a particular culture and that is largely determined by a child's upbringing" (gender role in Medicine Section). Also, the modern gender roles could be described by giving women more emancipation through making many opportunities for them. Women are to be an active member in the society by giving them more space, such as to be a manager of a company and to be a candidate in the election, and have the power in different fields of life. Besides, men who could do many household duties can stay at home to take care of the children, according to the modern view of the gender roles.
             In contrast, the traditional gender roles try to constrain the abilities of women as a significant person in society and make them solely focus on the household duties, raise the children, and describe the men who are breadwinners that are responsible for the home. Traditional gender roles are not healthy for the society because they make the division of labor unequal, decrease dual-earner couples, and ignore the education of women. The first thing that makes the traditional gender roles unhealthy for the society is that the division of labor will not equalize between men and women. This means that traditional gender roles focus on the role of women who work at home instead of working in the society. Therefore, the unfair division of labor has a big impact on the traditional aspect of the society. In other words, it makes a problem, especially for women who feel ignored by their society and cause them more depression.

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