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The Dark Side of ADD

            I know that I was never the smartest student, but I knew that I was one of the toughest because of the grit that underscored my personal motivation. In times where I struggled the most and faced the most daunting of task, I knew that the grit that fed my personal motivation to succeed would never fail me. It was my candle that lit my way through the darkened path. .
             In the beginning of my freshman year, I started noticing that the subjects that I excelled in previously in primary school seemed to be getting difficult. I had to put in quite a bit more effort and that was not pleasing to me at all. I also noticed that the plays that we were constantly going over in basketball seemed harder and harder to remember, comprehend, and understand. Again, I could not understand why. Despite the effort I was putting into studying and going over my playbook I just was not able to retain it. This was so frustrating for me! I made a promise to myself that I would focus more and continue to improve my study habits so that the fruits of my labor would start producing. I was digging deep within my soul to find my grit that I knew I had. I payed closer attention in class and on the basketball court as well, just hoping that soon all of this would click. I knew something was not right. I could barley concentrate on the simplest of task. I found myself daydreaming about going to the beach, warm fall Tennessee nights with the frogs croaking, and being that free spirited teenager desperate to cruise the strip one last time before going home. My grades started reflecting a downward spiral as well as me succeeding on the basketball court. My flame went out! My personal motivation that fed my soul died. I barely made my grades my freshman year to even be promoted to the tenth grade. This was not like me. I yearned for the old Heather to be back. What is wrong with me? My sophomore year came and went pretty much mirroring my freshman year.

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