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Transformational Leadership for Counselors

            Within each of us is the potential for limitless vitality and wellness, yet our limiting beliefs about ourselves and our world may hold us back and keep us stuck in familiar patterns, habits, and routine. Spending time and money on altering the outside creates no lasting change. Dictionary defines transformational leadership as a certain kind of style which invokes a positive change in all those who follow. These kinds of leaders are not only concerned and fully involved in the process, but they also focus on helping every member of the group to succeed. The components of the transformational leadership range from intellectual stimulation and individualized consideration, to inspirational motivation and idealized influence. .
             By choice or by chance, counsellors take on leadership roles in counseling work groups. Conceptualized leadership in professional counseling consists of a set of behaviors and attitudes that can be learnt. In this model of leadership, three dimensions are of importance; namely context, vision, and action. This serves as the foundation for leadership development and growth. Counselor roles continue to evolve in response to changing demographics and depleting resources such as time and finances. Challenges continue to mount as counsellors strive to meet diverse challenges of the students they serve, while ensuring academic success for all students in a continuous-improvement environment. This trend is projected to continue given the current state of our country. In an educational environment fraught with external influences often viewed as stressors, research supports that student achievement is strongly enhanced through student/staff relationships. Personal and interpersonal characteristics of adults in the school setting become increasingly important. School counsellors are uniquely trained and are equipped to become strong leaders in their schools. Those who choose to accept leadership roles, can positively impact student achievement.

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