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Celia, A Slave by Melton A. McLaurin

            "Celia, A Slave," is about a young black girl barely a teenager that was sold to a farmer who was settled in a county that believed in slavery. Robert Newsom was a farmer who owned substantial land and was looked upon as a community upstanding individual. He has been windowed and did not remarry. Celia was the only female slaved he owned. He bought her and used her as his "sex" slave. He felt as if by owning her, he could do what he pleased with her. Robert Newsom fathered children with Celia throughout the 5 years he owned her. .
             Celia fell in love with another slave who demanded her to stop allowing sexual intercourse with her master. Celia appealed to her master's daughters and to her master to please stop forcing her to do sexual favors. Her master struck back harder by demanding sex that night; that is when Celia fought back ultimately killing her master. She deposed of his body in her fire place, but confessed her murder to William Powell, a neighbor of Newsom, the next day. Celia was put on trial and convicted of first degree murder despite her plea of self-defense. She was hung on December 21, 1855. .
             McLaurin emphasizes the lack of rights slaves were entitled to in the 1800s, the lack of a fair and just judicial system, and the lack of humanity white people had towards people of "color" in the 1800s. Celia was not treated to fair trial in my personal opinion. She did not have a proper integration process; she was threatened by the man integrating her. The justice system failed her, to put it shortly. .
             Celia had no rights. She could not choose where she lived or whom she worked for. She didn't even get the chance to choose who she had children with, that was forced upon her. She was barely a teenager having to be mother to children fathered by her master. She was forced to have sex with her master whenever he pleased. The book also stated that it was never truly known how many slave owners actually used their slaves for sexually purposes.

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