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Boosting Africa's Energy Sector

             There is a need to meet the growing energy demand. Having a sustainable source of electricity is a universal dream that all countries want to achieve. The interest in green energy is growing because fossil fuels are limited. Fossil fuels are currently he main source of electricity. They are diminishing over time and are not environmental friendly because they produce greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. The longer there is a reliance on fossil fuels the more pollution our environment will face. Since the industrial revolution, the demand for energy has surged. It is preferable that the world dedicates its resources to manufacturing of renewable energy technologies. Today, the interest in green energy is growing tremendously and is playing a significant role in generating electricity for the world.
             Literature of Review.
             Africa's Energy Situation.
             Countries are preoccupied with meeting the energy needs of their populations and societies. There is a great variance between advanced countries and developing countries. Developing countries have "80 percent of the world's population but consume only 30 percent of the world's energy"[Dev06]. On the other hand, Africa is rich in resources but it is the least continent in manufacturing green energy technologies. Based on a research done by David Ejigu who is a professional in the field of green energy solutions, Africa has "1.1 million GWH of hydro-power, over 60 billion cubic meters of coal, and 8 million cubic meters of natural gas"[Eji05] . In addition to these rich non-renewable resources, Africa has solar and wind resources. It has the highest annual solar radiation in the world. The majority of radiation falls on the African continent; yet despite this, most of the sub-Saharan desert is without access to electricity. The amount of electricity used in advanced countries is 150 times greater than that of energy usage in Africa.

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