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Plato and MLK's Views on Ethical Behavior

             These are not words typically used to describe the pleasures of peace and morality; however, they are often used to describe war. In the world we live in today, it is not easy to decide on whether something is ethical or not, still, it is important that we have a shared universal awareness of right and wrong. The line between ethical and unethical standards is very difficult to define. Some may go by what their gut feeling tells them, while others may go by their religion or doing what the law requires of them. But who exactly is the judge of what is and isn't ethical? Who sets the standard for all people from every culture, race, and religious background? Plato and Dr. Martin Luther King are two iconic philosophers that share many ethical ideas on behavior. Because of this, they provide great insight on war, and how we should interact with our vast nations and regions. While many believe that war is an imposing and heroic battle that brings out the best in man, Plato and Dr. King provide reason why war is a terrible calamity that has a drastic negative affect on ethical behavior. .
             Plato was a famous philosopher born somewhere around 428 BCE, who is most known for his popular philosophical theories. Education is one of the most powerful things one can have according to Plato. His theory states that humbly accepting your own ignorance is the only way you will ever be able to learn more, and you couldn't possibly learn more if you pretended to know everything. So many people are content in knowing nothing, and are forever shielded of reality. An individual who is afraid to question or examine the world around them is actually no benefit to the world at all. In The Apology, Socrates never once apologized for his pursuit to serve and improve his society, which was a moral obligation for him. A morally correct person is concerned more about keeping his own integrity in tact rather than the pursuit of popularity and wealth.

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