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Penn's Essay to European Parliament

            At the time of William Penn's release of his article "An Essay towards the Peace of Present and Future Europe" in 1693 the entire continent was under harsh pressures of war and its fallout. William Penn laid out what he thought to be a valid plan in alleviating this, and preventing it for the good of their future. European Parliament today contains a similar platform of what Penn had proposed about 300 years ago. .
             William Penn called on the leaders, Princes, and states of the continent to lead them into a future that would be peaceful. When he wrote his article much of Europe was in turmoil due to wars, he claimed that from this they could see the benefits of peace for all of their countries if they worked together. Penn thought that war caused human's unhappiness and without it there would be more of a chance of safety, free trade, and no fear of invasions or the destruction of their homes. War is destructive, and rarely results in favor of anyone including the people. Penn described a system that would allow for all sovereign nations to meet, discuss, and address issues. He wanted them to meet every year, or at least every two to four years to allow for countries to have a way to prevent problems and promote peace. Nations representatives or princes would be able to bring issues in front of the whole body and determine the best possible approach. Penn believed that a system designed in this mindset of uniting European countries would bring them as one in peace. He outlined a few parameters such as not having one country hold the most power, and the room would be circular to eliminate any ideas of precedence. The proportion of votes in the system would be based on value of territory, but it would also not allow for any one country to have the most say. Penn also deemed that the meetings should also be held in Latin or French, Latin being for civilians, and French for the 'men of quality'.

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