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Sustainable Development and the Primark Case Study

             Primark is an Ireland based well-known clothing retailer in Europe which works in different countries such as Germany, Austria, Belgium, Spain, United Kingdom and Netherlands. The problem currently faced by this company is that most of the suppliers of it are located in Bangladesh where the company's code of conduct is not properly applied. Primark is criticized by many pressure groups due to non-regulation of its suppliers in Bangladesh and low environment and social standard followed there and the situation further deteriorated for Primark after the Savar Building collapse incident there. The discussion in this report will revolve around the changing attitudes of the public, politicians and the business world to the environment. Likewise, it will be using the "Brundtland' definition of sustainable development to analyze the combination of business and environment and the environmental policies of Primark will also be analyzed along with suggestions to improve the current situation. It will also throw some light on the progress of the UK and worldwide policies designed to tackle the worsening environmental situation. The processes of Primark will also be analyzed with the help of the triple bottom line approach. Most importantly, the role of the stakeholders in encouraging/discouraging Primark to consider social and environmental effects will also be elucidated. Finally, it will also be highlighted that how Primark can improve its social and environmental standing by utilizing the available resources and following suitable strategies.
             1.1 Response Of Politicians, General Public And Business To The Environment After The World War II.
             As a result of the Second World War, the rise of the nuclear age presented doubts of a new kind of pollution from deadly radiation.  The environmental movement reached new heights in 1962 with the publication of Rachel Carson's book "The Silent Spring", which warned the world about the use of artificial chemical pesticides in agriculture.

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