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Aztec Play and Games Culture

            For the purpose of this assignment my group will be focusing on Native Americans specifically the Aztecs. Just like the vast majority of cultural groups, the Aztecs enjoyed playing games and indulging in various leisure activities. The Aztecs praised and admired remarkable athletic talent. So it's not at all surprising that they had a deep love for dangerous sporting events. One the most favored activities for adults were the ball games. As much as they enjoyed other games, the ball games were the most popular, and the most dangerous. Games that involved gambling were also very popular for adults. The Aztec children were similar to modern children, for they too loved to play. In the Aztec empire it was common for children to play with marbles, stones, and bow and arrows. Then when they became teenagers, most would play Ullamaliztli; a popular ball game and Patolli; a popular board game.
             The Aztecs were nomadic peoples for about 200 years before they finally made the Valley of Mexico their permanent home. They were a very advanced and intelligent civilization. This allowed them to constantly adapted to their environment. The Aztecs built canoes to be able to fish and hunt. They increased their farmland by using the marshes and filling them with dirt and other materials. Aztec engineers were quit innovative and ahead of their time. For, their empire was very similar to modern cities and even equipped with shopping plazas. .
             After making their home in the Valley of Mexico the Aztec began to conquer other tribes living in the same vicinity. Before long the entire Valley of Mexico was under their control. The Aztec remained in control over the Valley of Mexico until the 1500's. This is when the Spanish arrived and put an end to the Aztec reign. Currently, there are about one million descendants of the Aztecs living in modern day Mexico. Many of the ancient Aztec rituals and traditions have died off, but their art and games are still enjoyed by the people of Mexico today.

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