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The New Jim Crow

            The United States of America has a relatively short-lived history in comparison to the majority of the vast societies of the world. As Americans, we pride ourselves on the concept that our ancestors fought tooth and nail for our freedom and we should never forget that concept. We pride ourselves on looking back through our history books and reading about how our forefathers have continuously stood up to the most powerful, unjust, and tyrannical nations so that the world may be able to experience the fore granted notion of freedom. When the grip on the throat of the new Americans became too much, a rag tag group of militiamen stood up against the British for what they believed in and defeated one of the most powerful and expansive army's that the world has ever seen. When Nazi Germany was committing the most atrocious, gruesome, and heinous violations of every moral code that we as a species have followed, the powerful Americans stood up for what was right yet again and defeated the Nazi regime. Even today, when this beautiful land was maliciously attacked by a religious extremist group, Americans followed the motto that "these colors don't run" and invaded Iraq and Afghanistan in the name of freedom. So for a society who prides herself on the basis of freedom, and who has based its moral code off of Judeo-Christian law which claims that all men are created equal; how could we possibly commit such a cockamamie violation of humanitarian rights like slavery? To this day, the systematic oppression of the black man and woman as a result of their kidnapping and being forced into slave labor has eternalized itself in our society and has found its home within the minds of the vast majority of white citizens. Many white people do not like to hear this fact and refuse to believe it, but the truth is deeply embedded within our society's political framework. Annually, laws are passed that continuously leave the black man disadvantaged and often times unable to access the resources in order to get a fair piece of the American dream.

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