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The Addiction of Gambling

            Gambling is a very harmful addiction which may lead to the destruction of a person and their family and should, therefore, be banned by the government. It is clear that there are serious consequences of gambling and there is a wealth of research material available to support this though there is also substantial body evidence that indicates there are also some positive impacts of gambling. Arguments against gambling and its impact on economy, society and related to Mental health must be considered. .
             Gambling has some positive impacts on economy. It has been argued that, just as in other industries, there are other benefits of gambling such as: employment, capital investment and both research and development investment (Department of Justice and Attorney-General, 2013). Furthermore, it has been stated that, as a result of gambling there has growth in the economy from overseas revenue and taxation (Hawke, 2000). In addition, the Productivity Commission estimates that in 2008-09 the benefits from tax revenue and the enjoyment of gambling for recreational gamblers ranged between $12.1 and $15.8 billion (Productivity Commission Inquiry Report, 2009). Moreover, the gaming machines provide a greater employment certainty, for approximately 50,000 people who work in New South Wales clubs. It has been frequently claimed that, any pressure on poker machines, such as a heavy poker machine tax or limitation on the number of gaming machines, will lead to the loss of thousand jobs in the club industry (NSW Legislative Council Hansard, 2011). Evidence emphasize that the enhancement of public services (e.g., health, education, social security) is also a fairly reliable impact of gambling introduction. Though, it is also sometimes the case that government gambling revenue is used to avoid raising taxes, reduce government debt, or just to maintain rather than enhance existing services (William & Steven, 2011).

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