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Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut

            Have you ever wondered what it would be like if everyone in the world had to be 100% equal in every way that the government thinks you should be? Kurt Vonnegut was the youngest of three children. The older two siblings had gone to private schools. When it was time for him to go to school due to the great depression his parents sent him to public school. While serving in the Army during World War II he was captured by Germans. he had a part in the Bombing raids, Kurt moved to Chicago where he Again worked for the government. He was also a Newspaper Reporter. He got his Master's Degree in Anthropology. (the Study of human societies and cultures and their development). In this story the government wants everyone to be equal and they will do anything to get that done, the handicapper general and the G-men run everything. If you are prettier, smarter, stronger, than anyone els you must wear masks, weights, and have a piece in your ear that makes sounds so you "do not take unfair advantage of your brain". The government took a 7 foot 14 year old boy named Harrison Bergeron to jail for "trying to overthrow the government. Eventually Diana Moon Glampers (Handicapper General) kills Harrison after he escapes jail and goes to a studio where there is ballerinas on tv and he breaks off all his weights and all the weights of a ballerina and all the musicians, and Says that he is the emperor and that she is his empress and they show everyone how to dance. While there are many arguments for themes in this story i feel the theme in this story is freedom, it is in the story many times but vonnegut throws all of the American rights of freedom away in this short story but almost everything that happens in this story relates back to the theme of freedom. In the story Harrison bergeron, Kurt Vonnegut Talks about Freedom for people. Saying how bad a equal society is he tells the story through Harrison Bergeron.

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