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Narrative Essay - Being a Teenage Mom

            My life changed dramatically when I became a teenage mother. When I was in high school, I became pregnant. It wasn't something I set out to do. Suddenly I was faced with a decision that ultimately would change my life. The first way my life changed was when I gave birth to my daughter. I was supposed to give her up for adoption at first. But as soon as I held her, I knew at that moment that being a mother to my baby was something I wanted to do. Caring for another human being other than myself at the age of sixteen was life changing itself. I had to make a huge adjustment and it was not easy. Barely having any sleep was hard enough, but waking up in the middle of the night every night was a whole other level. On top of that, I did not want to be a high school drop out just because I had a baby when I was sixteen years old. Everyone had doubt in me and was looking down on me. I wanted to prove everyone wrong. I was faced with many obstacles and it was a struggle but I overcame every obstacle that was thrown at me and eventually I got used to not having enough sleep and waking up during the night even if I had school the following day. My life was very changed by my decision, but it's not one that I look back on and regret. Although I lost some things, I gained a lot as well.
             The second way my life changed is that I was no longer an average teenager. I spent my teenage years different than most teenagers. Ever since my daughter was born, it was not easy balancing being a mother and a teenager. I have made what has felt like millions of sacrifices for my daughter. I cannot go out partying and make big mistakes like most teens do. I had to be there for every mistake my daughter made, every tear she dropped, and every laugh she shouted out. I had to be very understanding, caring, and loving, like a mother should be. I had to be cautious and aware of every situation. I have to provide her with everything I have.

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