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The Use of Imagery in Othello

            In the classic tragedy Othello imagery plays an important role in characterizing and defining individuals and their respective personalities. The images transmit a good overall message of the play because through them Shakespeare demonstrates not just the story's theme but also his own views on issues such as jealousy, racism and gender. Throughout the play he uses the image of devil and angel to demonstrate the distinction between Desdemona's innocence and Iago's viciousness. In fact, the villain Iago makes some references during the story that clearly illustrate this difference between him and the angelical lady. In order to deceive Desdemona to the Moor, Iago uses her best virtues of goodness and generosity against her to suggest that she has an affair with ex-lieutenant Cassio. Although in reality, she only tries to help Cassio getting back his position. Another form of imagery used is the idea that Othello lacks rationality to balance his emotions and reason before taking his actions. Poisoned by Iago's lies and persuasion, the Moor mistakenly continues to let his blind jealousy affect his mind before analyzing the facts with reason. Unfortunately, this conflict also made Othello internalize the prejudices of people surrounded him, that a black man could never be truly loved by someone like Desdemona. Furthermore, these two examples of imagery give a deep meaning to the theme and outcome of the tragedy. The evilness of Iago brings disgrace not only to the Moor and his wife, but also to many other characters in the play causing the deaths of many of them.
             To begin with, in Othello the force of evil is most directly pitted against the will of goodness. This image is quite important, because throughout the play it often regards the influence of two main characters, Iago and Desdemona, over the protagonist Othello. Planning to cause a generalized scandal, Iago uses his evilness to contaminate Othello's mind to believe that his pure wife and Cassio have an affair.

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