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Heaven is Beyond Positive

            Have you ever sat and wondered what is really positive in your life? Is it your children, your dog, your job, your husband, or yourself? I have sat around many years wondering if my life would ever be positive; it felt that no matter what I tried I seemed to stay in a depressed mood all the time. It seemed all I did was lay around in bed feeling as though my world had come to an end. That is one feeling I can say I would never wish upon anyone even my worst enemy (Johnson).
             The one thing I remained doing through all my feelings is going to church, I felt that if anything could help me it would be God. So every time I went to church I would expect some miracle to take place and it never happened. It seemed that I just kept falling deeper and deeper into the dark. All I wanted was someone to come and pull me out of the dark and save me from myself. The question I had to ask myself was do I keep trying or just give up? Am I strong enough to hold on until a miracle comes my way? Is there anyone out there that is willing to help someone so far in the dark? For some reason a faint voice in the back of my head would tell me to hold on the break through is coming.
             One day when I was done and just could not hold on any longer I cried out for help, I knew that if I did not do anything my life would be over. I was at the point in my life where I was going to just end my life instead of ever suffering again. It was at that moment when the most amazing thing happened. I all of a sudden stood up and that overwhelming feeling was gone, it was as though I was made new. I felt a strong peace come over me like I had never in my life experienced. This peace was not just for me, but it helped to restore all my relationships, I know longer wanted to fight or argue with any anymore. It has been almost four months since this happened to me and from it I have grown stronger in the Lord and feel great about myself.

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