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Leininger's Nursing Theory

             In this paper, the group will explore a contextual analysis of a patient, known as Mr. T, who suffered from end-stage lung malignancy. The patient's family was given the "do not resuscitate (DNR)" advice by the therapeutic group, but they refused to follow this instruction. Furthermore, we will discuss one of the nursing theories -- Leininger's theory to be precise -- and the utilization of this theory on our contextual investigation. For the end stage tumor and its measurements, the family reserves the right to reject the DNR treatment. Nevertheless, as Leininger's theory indicates, culture and religion do play a role. .
             Case Study.
             In 2013, Mr. T was diagnosed with lung cancer. At the time, he was working as a high school teacher in Doha, and was residing with his wife and two sons. One of his sons was working as an engineer at the Qatar Petroleum, while the other was working at Public Relations department of Kahrama. Neither of the two sons was married, and they were taking care of their father. Mr. T's family is an example of strong relationship and of taking care of each other in a compassionate way. Mr. T suffered from recurrent cough, loss of weight and general body weakness. He visited a doctor in the public health center, where a chest X-ray test showed a shadow in his right lung. Thereafter, he was referred to the cancer care clinic at the National Cancer Care Center and Research (NCCCR) as a patient highly suspected of having lung cancer. At the NCCCR, the diagnosis of lung cancer was confirmed by the oncologist following chest X-ray tests, Computed Tomography Scan (CT- Scan) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). Moreover, other laboratory diagnostic investigations were conducted such as Count Blood Cell test (CBC), liver function test, kidney function test and sputum for cytology (microscopic examination of cells in phlegm).
             Immediately after that, Mr. T's chemotherapy treatment began.

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