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The Life and Philosophies of John Locke

            John Locke is one of most important Enlightenment philosophers throughout history because his philosophies are still used today . John Locke's philosophies were influenced by his life and work. His philosophies have many good ideas. Locke's philosophies also influenced political systems. John Locke's work influenced his philosophies. Locke was an english philosopher who also founded british empiricism, he summed up the enlightenment with his belief of the middle class and its right to freedom also with his faith in science. He was educated at Christ College Church,Oxford University where he later became a lecturer in Greek and Philosophy in addition to that he studied medicine. Anthony Ashley Cooper, the first earl of Shaftesbury in the future, was an acquaintance of John Locke had a strong influence of his philosophical method and thought. He then latter became a friend, doctor, and an adviser in 1667 he had minor diplomatic and a civil post but latter when Anthony lost his office locke fled to France where he met French leaders in philosophy and science. Later John Locke went to Holland because of there was suspected radicalism in the government while there he wrote the Essay Concerning Human Understanding which examines the nature of the Human mind and the processes by which it sees it sees the world. Clearly John Locke's life and work influenced his philosophies.
             John Locke's life also influenced his philosophies. Locke was taught by his father,who was a attorney, the values of hard work and the appreciation of simplicity and moderation and the love of liberty. John's father's influence of devotion to liberty in particular would carry on to Locke's philosophical beliefs. John Locke studied at Christ College Church,Oxford University where he studied rhetoric, grammar, moral philosophy, geometry, and the Greek language based on the Teachings of the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle.

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