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The True Meaning of Being a Professional Basketball Player

             In this day and time, does being a professional basketball player means that you are playing for your heart or are you really playing for the money? If you look at the professional basketball players of today they not exciting as the professional players were back in the 60's, 70's,and 80's.This attitude as come upon as more players have been given the chance to play, the money opportunities have grown and many have made it an American Dream.
             As the game of basketball started to grow in the 80's because of such players as Ervin "Magic" Jonhson and Larry Bird many knew that they would be getting old and it was going to be somebody else's turn to be the star. Many young children perferably boys, started to play basketball at an young age because they wnated to be on the court one day and be like "Mike." Michael Jordan was a player that was and still is known as the greatest player to play on earth.He could glide from the freethrow line and dunk hte ball in an opponent's face. BUt, Mike did not just only focus on being a basketball player, he went to school also. But as these super stars got older there was really no one else to turn to with such great stardom. I say this because even though there are great players in theague as of today, they all seem like basketball was their only focus in life. No one on the court now days seemto have wanted like "Mike." So, since "Mike" and all the other great players are gone there was a chance for more players to recieve the chance to play. .
             When a player finally reaches that next level he is probably thinking only of the money because it shows on the court. the moneythey pay the men these days is out of hand. That's what gives the players the opportunity to play at any level that he wants to once he reaches the professional level.Once a player is being paid millions of dollars he could care less about what someopne thinks of him becasue he has a contract.

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