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The Black Liberation Theology

            As a class we are reaching towards the final topics regarding the black experience. One of the most interesting topics that we have touched on is the Black Liberation Theology. "The Black Liberation Theology" discusses numerous topics and periods that surround the black experience. Honestly, "The Black Liberation Theology" is one of the most informative topics we have discussed from our African American studies class. The amount of information is outstanding. In this paper I will focus on the most important concepts discussed throughout the Theology. The first concept I will touch basis on are the historic periods in time and how the religious/church experience changed during each period. .
             Religion and churches coincide with each other ever since the teaching of religion was brought to life. Religion within the black experience was always used as a tool for empowerment through rough times. The first historic period that really caught my eye was the slave period and how slaves coincided with religion. During the slave period, slaves were forced to attend religious ceremonies with their slave masters. During the slave period it was prohibited to have a gathering of slaves so most slave masters resorted to hiding their slaves in secret locations within the church such as the balcony. .
             Before I continue onto the next historic period in time, I also wanted to state that there is a major belief that religion was modified by whites to cater to their own beliefs which brings up one of the most controversial questions, "Is God black?". This question is brought up due to religious practices that were in place before the creation of the slave trade. .
             The second historic period that I also figured would be a key component to the actual black experience is the period after the Revolution in which blacks started to establish their own communities and independencies in America.

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