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The Occupation of Hong Kong

            In the end of 1930s, the world's two powers, Axis, headed by Japan, German, and Italy and Allies, headed by the United States, Soviet Union, Britain, France and China, fought in all over the world until the middle of 1940s. People called this war as the World War II. As Nazi regime in Germany went on a rampage in Europe such as invasion of Poland, Japanese imperialism had an overwhelming influence over Asia. Imperial Japanese army was strongly unified under the national slogan of "Enrich the Country, Strengthen the Army", and its culmination led Japan to establish Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere, an imperial propaganda Japan used to occupy other Asian countries. This imperial propaganda concept was made with Japanese occupied territories, such as Manchukuo, Republic of the Philippine, and Empire of Vietnam. An ostensible reason of this sphere was affranchising Asian countries from western colonial powers and creating a new order in East Asia. However, at the same time, their dominating power was partially used those countries to fulfill military demand in real terms. Although Japan freed many Asians from the White colonial rules, there are people who experienced hard time. Hong Kong was a colony of the Great Britain, non-belligerency with Japan, thus it was totally divorced from the war. As the battle line expanded in the world, Hong Kong was not the exception of Japanese occupation. Japan marched to Hong Kong and occupied immediately. Hong Kong people were taken in on their war and forced to live a brutal life. Although Japan helped some Asian countries to be freed from the White colonial rulers, Japan made Hong Kong people's life harsh by damaging the population and economy, and it relates the failure of building their ideal Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere. .
             Japan built an imperialist nation; it remained as a leading country in Asia and established a new order in Asia.

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