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Sappho's Life Through Poetry

            Information is a hard thing to tangibly preserve; sometimes the information is not accurate, and sometimes pieces get lost along the way. The further back you go, the more skeptical humanity is towards its information - and rightfully so. If not, we would be blindly following expired misinformation which wouldn't further the evolution of literature or intellect. In the case of Greek literature, though, it is still important to analyze the preserved information and make our own conclusions on a personal basis as to the level of accuracy. It's very possible that information about the author or literature is not entirely accurate, but that's okay. In the case of Sappho, she was a female lyric poet who lived on the Isle of Lesbos. The exact date of her birth and death is unknown, but it's widely accepted that we can throw her into the seventh century. Working as a school teacher, her life revolved around the female psyche. If you were not already aware, the island that she lived on - the Isle of Lesbos, consisted almost entirely of females. With her homosexuality contributing to her identity crisis, she used the written word to express her internal turmoil. Sappho was an influential character of the seventh century who had a great impact on Greek literature and female insight. In this analysis I will perform an overview of what her work consisted of, its target, her message, and my personal critique towards her. .
             Lefkowitz pays particular attention to informing the reader of the very real and stifling issues of believing information from this time. It's clear that she has an agenda in this article, but considering the era at which we're analyzing, I would say that it's probably a rightful critique. In the seventh century, the concept of feminism hadn't even begun to sprout. Most societies of this era were patriarchal monarchies, essentially ruling over whatever they wanted on their land.

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