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Linguistics and Hegemony

             Every language has thousands of words. Each and everyone one of them has different meanings, a history and a certain usage. Language is so vast and rich that even the native speakers use just a small portion of it without even knowing how little they use. Even simple words from one 's native tongue has a complex history and a certain process of how it became the way it is now. In order to make our language richer and more colorful, a person must at least scratch the surface of these phenomena. Language is old, yet it never stops evolving, changing and advancing. It is one of the major factors that differs us, humans, from animals. By deepening this knowledge, a person can reach astonishing results. As children we are able to form basic sentences and describe our needs, but as time goes on we start to use language to express ideas, feelings, scientific facts. We argue about politics, religion, solve conflicts, and, gradually, we are able to describe things that we have not even seen. In order to reach such heights, one must start from the very beginning and learn about each word step by step. In this research, the word hegemony will be analysed. To reach this aim, the following objectives have been set out:.
             - to introduce linguistics and linguistic features;.
             - to describe the word in different linguistic fields.
             - to find methods of investigation.
             The case study consists of an introduction, three chapters, conclusions and references. Chapter One presents an overview of linguistics and its branches, such as phonetics, etymology and etc. Chapter Two concentrates on the analysis of the word hegemony using classical linguistics. Chapter Three talks about the popularity and change of concepts of the word hegemony in modern culture. The conclusions reflect the findings of the practical part of this essay.
             Linguistics is the scientific study of language. There are three aspects to this study: language form, language meaning, and language in context.

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