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hold's growing pain --the Catcher in the Rye

             Probably no novel has created such controversy in the classroom as J. While some hail the novel as the masterpiece of 20th century American fiction, others denigrate it as an exploitation of the shallowness and self-centeredness of youth. The Catcher in the Rye is neither extreme. It is, however, an important work because it gives a credible voice to the angst of the adolescent and demands that voice be heard. It speaks to the anxiety of the adolescent caught in the current of becoming an adult and having difficulty coping with all that the adult world means. It gives insight into the psyche of a troubled Holden. Holden' s growing pains. This paper aims to show all kinds troubles that Holden faced during that transition between adolescence and adulthood. It is the growing pain of Holden .It is also the growing pain of human. Holden is a collage of the "human experience". What causes Holden' s pains? They are two main reasons- the subjective reason and objective reason. How to solve these troubles and let the adolescent grow happily and healthily. It' s very important. Because adolescent' s growing trouble is very common in nowadays and let them grow up healthily is very important to the future of human. .
             Key words: adolescence, adult world, trouble, growing pain, reasons, healthily.
             1.Introduction .
             1.1 The definition and characteristics of growing pains .
             In this paper, I mainly discuss the growing pains of Holden of the Catcher in the Rye .So the first thing I'd like to define what growing pains are. From the OXFORD ADVANCED LEARNER' S ENGLISH - CHINESE DICTIONARY, there are two definitions. (a) Pains in the limbs of young children, popularly believed to be caused by rapid growth.(b) (fig)problems arising while a new enterprise is developing. Holden, the protagonist and narrator of the catcher in the rye is in the adolescence. Whatever in the physiology or in the psychology, he suffered from growing pains.

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