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Definition of Race

             Framing a definition of race is an intimidating task as both biological and social considerations factor into the concept. Though the United States Declaration of Independence states that, "all men are created equal" (The Declaration of Independence, 2014), even its intent has come under careful scrutiny. Some have considered that the mention of just "men" within the declaration implies the exclusion of women and children. Yet, it is this same document which has been cited by people such as Abraham Lincoln, Elizabeth Candy Stanton, and Martin Luther King, Jr., in their historic passionate quests for equal treatment of others, which certainly opposes racism. Racism is a substandard divide determined by subordinate values assigned to particular groups of people who are considered less important or the minority group in society.
             Consequently, the context in which the Declaration of Independence uses "all men," is considered today as a euphemism for humanity. Thus, humanity encompasses a diverse landscape of differences which include biology, culture, religion, and gender (Schaefer, 2014). These differences, among others, factor into how people perceive themselves and how they differentiate and discriminate against others (Schaefer, 2014). This writing aims to explore race from different perspectives. Thus, the social construction of race is presented and contrasted with biological implications of race. Evidence which primarily supports race as a social construction is presented herein.
             Biological View of Race.
             Variety is said to be the spice of life. In this regard, no two lives are exactly the same. Thus, from the beginning of time, biological differences, such as one's gender, are certainly noticeable. Physical attributes which include one's skin tone, hair texture, eye color, and the genes which produce them are notable and often hereditary human features.

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