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Legalizing Medical Marijuana

            Marijuana should be legalized for medical purposes. Cannabis a psychotropic drug, found in marijuana contains over 400 different chemicals. The main ingredient which affects the mind is THC. THC, tetrahydrocannibol, is a prescribed drug which treats or prevents nausea and vomiting caused by cancer medicines, when other medicines do not work. THC can benefit many people. Marijuana should be legalized for medical purposes because it's proven to have health benefits such as treating Glaucoma, controlling epileptic seizures, and stops cancer cells from spreading.
             The legalization of medical marijuana in the United States would benefit millions of people around the country for medical purposes. It can be used to treat Glaucoma, a condition of increased pressure within the eyeball, causing gradual loss of sight, but cannabis also known as marijuana, decreases the pressure within the eyeball. There are many options for the treatment of Glaucoma, but they could lose their effectiveness over time. Cannabis, is a more effective treatment for Glaucoma. In one study, more than 80% of the patients who have Glaucoma used medical marijuana, and experienced a reduction in IOP (intraocular pressure), by 45%. Another study showed a significant drop in IOP in patients who used marijuana, which reduced the pressure in the patients' eyes, of both these studies. (Medicalmarijuana). .
             The use of marijuana can also help epileptic seizures. An epileptic seizure is a brain disorder which clusters the nerve cells abnormally causing strange sensations, emotions, and behavior (MedicineNet). eizures, the THC rid the rats of the seizures for about ten hours. THC control seizures by binding to the brain cells responsible for controlling excitability and regulating relaxation (Marijuana&Seizures;). Another case is with a 5 year old girl named Charlotte Figi. She has Dravet Syndrome, which causes seizures and severe developmental delays.

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