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Burnout in the Nursing Field

            Nursing is a rewarding and fulfilling job. Most nurses get into the health field because they want to help others, and make a difference in the world. Nurses are kind hearted, and generous people. They do this stressful job because it is what they love to do. It takes a lot of hard work, time, and effort to become a nurse. There are a variety of different nursing programs and schools to choose from, each have high expectations and standards. While in nursing school there is very little time for family, friends, work, or a personal life. However, because time doesn't stop while in school, it is important to learn about prioritizing and time management. If these skills can be mastered, not only will nursing school be easier, but it will also help prepare a person for an actual nursing job. Nurses in the U.S. deal with many challenges, from the time they begin nursing school, to the end of their careers. .
             Because the health care field is so physically and emotionally demanding, a strain is often put on many employees. Burnout is very common among nurses, and has been an issue for many years. It may occur in both nursing students and nurses. Nursing is a highly stressful, and demanding job. It's a high pressure profession, that requires long hours and hard work. According to National Health Career Week, "America's health centers provide care to about 20 million people nationwide including over 900,000 homeless persons in 7,000 communities" (National 2010). It is very physically and emotionally wearing on a person. It can be even harder on students. Many nursing students not only have to work their clinical shifts, but still have to work their normal jobs too. Sometimes, this can make for almost eighty hour work weeks, not including the at home study time. Consistently pulling extra long days, and remaining highly stressed can easily cause burnout, before even entering the healthcare field.

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