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Feminist Literature - The Story of an Hour

            Kate Chopin's literary work "The Story of an Hour" is a feminist literary study. The status of women is what concerns in feminism. According to Jonathan Culler "feminist criticism is the name that should be applied to all criticism to the critical ramifications of sexual oppression, just as in politics 'women's issues' is the name now applied to many fundamental question of personal freedon and social justice" (56). Feminism itself appears as a form of women's rebellion. They try to get an equal gender between man and woman. Simone De Beauvoir in her book The Second Sex argues and questions the superiority and condescendence of men toward women. She introduces the concept of the "second sex" to refer to women who are regarded as nothing but men controlled the secondary sex in the world. In this case she claims that women are under critique because they are women. Since the world is a men's world they are unquestionable entities but the women are the "others".
             The story is about a woman, Mrs. Louise Mallard, with a heart trouble. She gets an information that her husband, Mr. Brently Mallard, has been death in a railroad accident. From hearing that news, she becomes wildly upset. She locks herself in her room, sits in the cair and looking out the window. She shocked at the first time she heard that news, but she began to feel a deep peace with herself to accept this facts that her husband's death. Then her sister, Josephine, knocked the door and beg her to come out of her room because she is worried of her condition. But Louise refused it. Then there is someone who was opening the front door with a letch key, it was Brently Mallard who entered. He had been far from the scene of the accident. Then Richard, his best friend, bring him tp the his wife. And it makes herself dies of heart disease ironically. .
             Before analyzing "The Story of an Hour" with the feminist criticism, we can assumed that Mr.

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