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Aboriginies and The Dreaming

            The dreaming is believed to be when the indigenous ancestors travelled across the country and created life along with important geographical sites. It provides Aboriginals with a sense of cultural and a belief system which is fundamental to their core values and sense of acceptance into today's society. It is represented through song, dance, art and storytelling. The indigenous people have maintained a link between their ancestors which has created a great cultural heritage. The dreaming is the spiritual realm of ancestors who created the land and the world and give life and meaning.
             The indigenous believe that the Ancestral Spirits came to earth in a human form, traveling across the land and creating animals, plants and forms of land that we know today. Once they had finished they created an animal or plant to represent him. These are known as Totems and are specifically linked to tribes. .
             Aboriginal people believe that there are 'Dreaming Tracks' across the land. They follow these to remember the dreaming stories and connect with their Ancestral spirits. This is known as 'Walk about'. The Dreaming tracks are invisible lines across the land that form a map, these are believed to have been used by their past ancestors. The past, present and future are all connected. Ceremonies connect the present tribes with their spirit ancestors and their creation in the dreaming. This allows for the creative life force within the dreaming to flow and maintain the present and future. These ceremonies bring life to the dreaming stories and they believe that it enables the world to flow and not fail. .
             Aboriginal people have many separate tribes. These tribes are independent communities. They don't have a sense of individual ownership of possessions, they all share amongst the tribe. Even parenting is shared. They get there sense of belonging from the community and tribe around them, all sharing the same cultural beliefs and moral values.

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