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Classifications of Alcoholic Beverages

            In general, people love to drink socially. Many people find reasons to meet at the bar for someone's birthday or to go grab appetizers and drinks for half off at TGIFridays or even to go out dancing and drink. Alcoholic beverages today are a means of social interaction, some even drink to whine down after a long day at work. Alcoholic beverages can be classified into three subcategories: beer, wine, and liquor. .
             Beer is one of the most widely consumed alcoholic beverages in the world. Being everyone's favorite happy hour drink, beer is usually divided into two categories: Ales and Lagers. This classification depends on the kinds of yeasts used while making them and the temperature used to ferment them. Ales, the older of the two, are fermented and served at room temperature usually providing a more intense flavor. There are four types of ales: Brown Ales, Porter, Stout and Witbier. Brown ales range from red to cooper in color and are mild in flavor. Porters are darker in color and have a strong flavor with barley dominating the hops. Stouts are the darkest and richest of beers. Witbiers are brewed with a large portion of wheat and a significant portion of malted barley. Lagers are made with yeasts that are best fermented and served at cooler temperatures. Lagers also have a malty taste, sometimes with a hit of toast and caramel and are well known for its smooth crisp flavor. Four types of lagers are: Pale Lager, Light Lager, Dark Lager and Pilsner. Pale lagers are beers like Coors and Budweiser: light in color, highly carbonated with a light taste. Pilsners are pale in color with a bitter taste and Dark Lagers have a richer flavor and are dark in color. Being the most widely consumed alcoholic beverage, beer is also one of the most popularly accepted alcoholic beverages in the world.
             Wine is a more sophisticated alcoholic beverage that gets its diversity from the different places the grapes are harvested from and how they're handled and stored.

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