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Learning Styles in Educational Psychology

            In the process of my late educational endeavor here at Ashford University as well as my ongoing and life-long job of first and fore-most being a mother, I've had the pleasure of raising and still raising three wonderful children. My oldest child is 22 years old at this time, athletic, a hands-on learner, struggled in his academic education in high school and his first year of college, however, learned the most important things in life through his own ways. My next son, academically smart and loved sports, though didn't have the motivation to give it his all; he chose the bare minimum of both to get through his high school years, and through his first year of college. He continues to do so at his own pace and his own volition. And lastly we have my daughter, who I firmly believe is a combination of both my sons in that she is passionate about learning, academically smart, and her love of sports. It wasn't until I began this journey did I begin to understand the differences and similarities in not only my own children but those children around me day in and day out. I was given the processes in the beginning of my studies and throughout to this course today; and thus now understand that we are our own individual person and have our own individual and unique learning style. Despite others who see from the outside in, we will get to the same point of learning, whether it is a math problem, a point in history or science experiment, but how we learn it will be what is easiest for us. .
             According to Tomlinson (1999) "To learn anything fast and effectively, you have to see it, hear it and feel it." Humans learn new things everyday, whether it is in school, reading a book, working, or simply going through the day, we are learning. However, in that we are all different in how we learn. We are unique in our own way and therefore, this is why we have different learning styles. Learning styles are the ways and/or approaches of learning something, whatever it is.

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