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Job - Why the Innocent Suffer

            At first glance, the book of Job appears to tell the tale of God chastising his utmost blameless servant to win a bet with the devil. However, further understanding tells us that this story is actually a message to all those who want to follow God. The message here is just much more challenging to recognize than other stories in the Bible. .
             In chapter one of the Book of Job, Job is described as being "blameless" and "upright" (Alter, page 193). He was a man who " feared God and shunned evil." (Lawall, page 193) Genesis 6:9 in our text also describes Noah as a "blameless" and "righteous" man (Lawall, page 163). The difference in these texts is, " Noah walked with God." (Lawall, page 163) Therefore, just because Job "feared God and shunned evil" does not mean that he "walks with God." Christianity and the Bible does not only teach the idea of righteousness. It also teaches the importance of having a relationship with God. Chapter one in the book of Job also states, "And it happened when the days of the feast came round, that job would send and concentrate them and rise early in the morning and offer up burnt offerings according to the number of them all. For Job thought, perhaps my sons have offended and cursed God in their hearts. Thus would Job do at all times." Job wants to be a follower of God, however, he thinks that he must appease God with offerings and doings to earn God's grace and blessing. He did not walk with God like Noah and Abraham. This becomes more evident throughout the text.
             Nothing in Job's words mentions his trust and faith in God's control. Job has become his own God by thinking that he was earning all he had by moral righteousness. Although he was a perfect being in his works, he was greedy and self-indulgent through intentions. Job is actually rejecting God because of this perception.

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