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Corporal Punishment and Student Discipline

            Student discipline and management are paramount for an effective teaching practice. There has been a sizzling debate on the best methods and techniques to attain a discipline in students in a teaching environment. In most cases, mismanaged classes or schools have got the greater chances of running short of discipline. In addition, an undisciplined mind cannot function or perform in a way that can conform to the student's role. There are several methods of disciplining students in school. However, corporal punishment is regarded by many scholars as the most contentious disciplinary method to students. Several scholars have raised debates on whether corporal punishment should be used to discipline students in school. Parallel to this, the application of corporal to discipline students has ignited fervent argument in pro-use and anti-use camps. This paper will focus on the ineffectiveness of using corporal punishments to achieve student's discipline which lowers the educational development and respect of students. In addition to this, the paper will also focus on the several theories in disciplining students. .
             There are several definitions of corporal punishment which are aimed at giving its deeper and understandable meaning. According to Encyclopædia Britannica 2009, corporal punishment is the use of deliberate pain to change or induce a certain behavior. These methods of using deliberate physical include, hitting, slapping, punching, kicking, shaking, use of sharp objects, prevention of urine, choking, and use of shocks. In other words, corporal punishment may be referred to as the act of causing physical pain on a student's body as a form of punishment for a certain crime or contravention which may be at home or at school. .
             In the historical context, corporal punishment had been standard exercise in education for many years. After World War II, Human rights have been extra vigilant in standardizing the way human beings are supposed to be treated.

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