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Outsourcing - The Best and the Worst

            In the American nation, time zone or accessibility is no longer a necessity in work. It requires a more extensive group of workers not just suppliers and employees but also customers. All of these working together with business processes that spread organizations, distance, and time. Outsourcing is an essential part of this idea. A company that passes on the work to a group that can supply cheaper material is outsourcing. All the people in American should be concerned about outsourcing. Everyone should be influenced by outsourcing. Adding value to capacity and capability and global expansion are the main reasons for outsourcing. Big companies all around the world outsource their products for beneficial reasons. Outsourcing has both positive and negative effects in the American nation and we need to be prepared for any changes that might come with these effects. .
             It has brought many problems to the Unites States today and continues to increase. On the other hand, it has helped and improved big companies with their business. Outsourcing is becoming an increasingly popular alternative for worldwide businesses. According to a Datamark report, "Midsize companies, seeing the success of the big players over the years, want in on outsourcing's benefits." In other words, the outsourcing business is starting to grow in terms of geographical scope but also along the lines of different businesses. A large percent of people in the Unites States believe that outsourcing hurts the American nation vastly but there are many who disagree. Outsourcing does both to the United States. With every positive effect there is a negative which makes outsourcing a necessary evil. Since the year 2000, over 400,000 jobs have been outsourced to other places. Additionally, there have been over 200,000 more jobs lost because of outsourcing. The biggest offenders of outsourcing are the IT industries. In spite of the popularity of IT roles which are one of the main relationships with the word outsourcing, there are many other business duties which can be outsourcing.

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