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Methods for Creating an Effective Speech

            First, a useful and appropriate topic is for sure a definite when starting a speech. A useful topic is something that appeals to the audience, gets their attention and fits the circumstances while engaging the audience. A useful topic provides new information to the audience. It should be original to the speaker and shouldn't sound so formal to the point where it bores the audience or loses their attention. Next, an engaging introduction goes right along with a useful topic. It also shouldn't be too formal to where it bores the audience. An engaging topic should provide the audience with an excellent attention getter such as imagery or something to directly relate to the audience such as questions that pertain to the topic itself and also establishes credibility which could be as simple as finding something you experienced yourself that you can directly relate to with the topic. This should be something that establishes a background for you and the topic so the audience can gauge your credibility as a speaker. The engaging topic and all of your speech competencies should be clearly organized so that the audience has some idea what point you're getting across. Clear organization is definitely vital especially when you're talking to an audience who may not be familiar with the topic. .
             Nest, unorganized speech or points could dilute the message of the speech and potentially lose your audience . It's always important to establish a pattern or a way of transitioning through topics so that your points don't come off as random.
             Well supported ideas area also a vital way of persuading or gaining an audience's attention. Something that's popular with the audience or something that's well supported all around. This gives credibility to the topic and can be the foundation for your speech as a whole and gives meaning to the conclusion and closure of a speech. This is your last chance to persuade your audience to your point, to impress the audience as a speaker.

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