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Star Wars Ethnography Paper

             "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away" (Lucas, Star Wars). This phrase will forever remain in the minds and memories of many. In the year 1977, a certain director by the name of George Lucas introduced us to a dimension filled with mystery and adventure. This film was, Star Wars: A New Hope, and with the release of this movie an entire culture of fandom was brought into life. That fandom is now one of the largest groups within the world that we live in today. Nobody would have guessed that this little Sci-Fi movie would influence such a large number of the population, and even movies today would be based off of this series, as well as many other sequels and adaptations of the original movie would have been produced. What makes this culture so unique is the different artifacts that people placed value on within the culture, the different groups that were formed by the release of the movie, and the other groups that are associated with this culture and how they differ. .
             Artifacts of the Culture.
             A man once said that, "Star Wars was the first film that truly captured my imagination," (Ward, Jedi Junkies). The reason as to why he felt so strongly about the movie was because he said it had effected his real life at the time because of the symbols of evil that characters like Darth Vader portrayed. Here's a particular scenario in the day of a Star Wars super nerd. A man wakes up one morning to the sound of his R2-D2 clock playing the opening theme to every Star Wars movie. As he crawls out his custom Revenge of the Sith bedsheets, he puts on his Chewbacca themed slippers and makes his way to his bedroom door. On his way to the door he walks past numerous action figures in their boxes being displayed on a bookshelf, next to a mounted replica of Darth Maul's double-sided lightsaber from Star Wars Episode 1: A Phantom Menace. He makes it into his living room to turn on the television; this is the start of every Sunday for him.

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