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Russia and the West Post 1991

            A bogy of the Cold War revival or its complete comeback is commonly a matter of a public discourse, triggering many different experts to take part in this issue. Is it really possible that the status quo from 80s and the revival of the Cold War is a fact? Or maybe the political reality, nowadays, has nothing in common with the situation from few decades back? In this essay I would like to take a closer look to that issue and make an effort to answer the questions above.1 .
             To appropriately understand the subject being here discussed, one has to go far back of the historical processes. A conflict between USSR and the USA which was the very beginning of the Cold War was not only a military one but rather ideological contest between the systems: communism and capitalism. The apogee of the conflict so-called "Cold War" is set in 80s and Ronald Reagan's challenge towards the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.2 The tension grew and was caused by imposed on Moscow arms race, commonly called the program "star wars".3 Although no one could have expected that, it was the beginning of the end of the Soviet Empire. Mikhail Gorbachev, who tried to save the situation even by half-measures only led to the collapse of the system. Mikhail Heller wrote, "to get rid of President Gorbachev, his opponents liquidated the Soviet Union".4.
             Russia as the largest and strongest declared itself the heir of the Soviet Union. The loss of huge territories with the exception of Siberia made Russia withdrew to its borders from the sixteenth century. On the west border runs near Smolensk, they lost a large part of the coast of the Baltic Sea and the Crimea, which Russia recently regained. But on the other hand kept the whole economic infrastructure, especially pipelines and communication, and moreover the network interconnections that Russia under Putin in the XXI century began to use to get back and rebuild at least substitutes of former territorial gains.

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