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Ethnography Class Review

            Ethnography is a subject that is filled with full of interesting information and variety of history from all around the globe. It is a subject that teaches us what happens in reality such as behaviors of individuals, comparing and contrasting from this topic and such and etc. Ethnography is part of our lives without even realizing it and noticing it because it involves observation, interacting with people, asking questions to your target group and etc. Throughout the 12 weeks of semester, we had discussed so many different issues that happened and also that is happening in society now. We had done projects for our class as an entry level of Ethnographer, such doing observation, interviewing with people to get a story out of them in person and etc. Not only we had done this but also throughout the semester, we read two books that are based on the ethnographic work and articles about different people life styles. they are filled with their experiences and challenges they go through. We also read documentaries , articles about immigrants being treated unfairly, getting paid unfair wages, discrimination and the way that the business companies took advantage and run their business by outsourcing the full time job and encouraging the and offering only part time job with low wages. In this class. we are learning about important things that happening around the world that we are not always realize them.
             Beginning of the semester, we started reading book called "Ethnographic Essential' by Julian M Murchison . As I continue reading about the book i found it more interesting and had a chance to learn more about the Ethnography in a different perspective from other research strategies in reality. the way they approach the specific target group or practical challenges was what i found out about the book. As i said above, everyday in our daily life, ethnography is part of it by without knowing it because ethnography isn't just a research strategies but it also a way of studying it which mean the moment you step out of the door, ethnography is kicking in by the way you see things, the way you are interacting with people and listening to different languages spoken around us and etc.

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