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Heroism in Philosophy

            "Beyond," means above, suggesting that the principle is set up by someone or something that is placed on a higher rank that the hero himself. This might mean the community or the society he comes from (if we accept the proposition of a hierarchy where society is above the individual) or a, "superior," power, such as a deity for example. In both cases, the principle that carries the hero (if it really is beyond him) comes from the exterior. So to reformulate the question: does the principle that carries the hero come from the outside or does it exist within the hero? Let us analyse and integrate the word, "carried" as well, which evokes a sort of inevitability. Regardless of where it comes from, does the principal determine the hero's fate? Can he choose to act against it? Must he assume the role of a hero? Finally, a definition of the world, "principle," might prove itself helpful as well. According to the Oxford dictionary, a principle is "a rule or belief governing one's behavior," a, "fundamental truth," that serves as the base of, "morally correct behaviour and attitudes."1 .
             This brings us to the question: what should be judged as morally correct? What is the source of morality? In Bergson's opinion, there are two: pressure and aspiration. Pressure is the device of a society that relies on customs, because it wishes to preserve the mechanisms of social life and order. Aspiration, on the other hand, brings about the possibility of progress and the feeling of enthusiasm due to the promise of a, "step forward." Progress and development however break the unity and integrity of society and of the human race, since not all individuals take that certain step at the same time. To achieve the original cohesion, it is necessary to 'drag along' the rest of humanity and in order to do so one must 'resort' to heroism. This is the only way one can appropriate the entire human race which is fundamental to bring everybody along the journey of change.

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