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Gilman's The Yellow Wallpaper

            When reading an essay or a short story people usually wonder if their expectations towards the end of the piece of literature under study, have any kind of effect on their mood and predictions. Nevertheless, they assume this it to be some piece of writing that they should not really care about, so why would they even have any feelings towards the ending? Actually the reader experiences such feeling as it is the author's responsibility to have the reader engaged, it can change their perspective by the end of the story. As seen in "The Yellow Wallpaper", by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, there is a woman struggling with her mental illness all throughout the story. Shockingly the husband nearly dies his wife's request for him to help her. Secondly, in Shirley Jackson's, "The Lottery" the events leading up to the so called "tradition", when the towns people all gathered together and randomly pick someone stone to death. The point of the event was by sacrificing someone, this would ensure good crops for the year. Regardless of the impact the event would have on mothers, sisters, dads, brothers, family's etc. Stumbling upon such tragic events, the reader is overwhelmed by the content of the story and to them the person being stoned seems to be innocent. This leaves the reader with a harsh mind set towards the story.
             Following through the words of Gilman, the readers come across a middle-aged woman suffering from a mental illness, but her husband continues to neglect the fact that she is in need of immediate help. He is unable to notice that his wife's mental illness is getting worse, and she finally ends up having a mental break down. To her husbands' shock, he nearly dies seeing his wife go complexly insane. The wife starts to believe in John's love for her and that he truly wants the best for her, yet he does nothing to actually help his wife's mental illness.

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