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Racial Profiling and Institutional Racism

            Race issues are important issues in American society that cannot be overlooked. Some Americans view racial difference results in tangible source of profiling that grow from racial superiority. The War on Drugs in this sense is convenient; instead the War on Drugs should be understood as a special case of what war has always been on how force and violence against certain communities pertains to certain political objectives. In Gene Callahan and William Anderson's online article, they infer that, "on the contrary, the practice of racial profiling grows from a trio of very tangible sources, all attributable to the war on drugs, that $37 billion annual effort on the part of local, state, and federal lawmakers and cops to stop the sale and use of "illicit" substances" (Callahan 1). Anderson concedes that the root of racial profiling streams from the swar on drug and its use in the neighborhood. In Bob Herbert's article, "hounding the innocent" (1999), he asserts that the authority (justice system) in the United States enforces law based on ethnic profiling. Herbert concedes that raced-based profiling affect its victim to a great extent. He also extends his view to most America about how the system is run. Race has played an important role over the years in identifying the communities that became the targets of the drug war, consequently exposing their cultural practices and institutions to military-style attack and police control. Although the drug wars have certainly sought to abolish controlled substances and destroy the net established for their distribution, this is only part of the story. Society bases their belief of institutional manifestations of profiling, on political institutions, the justice system, and how these factors present a greater challenge for minorities to overcome their individual acts of racism.
             America continues to struggle with the issue of racial injustice and inequalities.

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