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Financial Statement Analysis of IOI Group

             Industrial Oxygen Incorporated Sdn Bhd, also named as IOI Corporation Berhad or IOI Group. IOI Group was a multinational company of constantly leading the plantation, specialty oil and fats, oleochemical and entertainment sector in global. Plantation, Property Development and Resource-based manufacturing are categorized as the three core segments to contribute profit for IOI Group. It was started off its business on 31st October 1969 as an industry based of gas manufacturing which included industrial and medical gas. Contemporarily, IOI Group is known as one of the biggest conglomerates in global and it had hired up to 30,000 workers with more than 23 different races in 15 countries (Darren, 2010). It had set up the manufacturing instrument in Netherlands, USA, China, Malaysia, Egypt and so on. In 2012, IOI Group had listed at the Americas' famous business magazine as one of the global top 2000 enterprises. In addition, the subsidiary company of IOI Group, IOI Properties, also ranked second in The Edge's Malaysia Top 10 Property Developers Award. .
             IOI Group has exploited its oil palm business since 1985 and it was also the core business activities of IOI Group. Nowadays, it was become one of the biggest plantation enterprises which are listed on Bursa Malaysia (Ioioleo, n.d.). IOI Group had located most of the oil palm growing region in East Malaysia and only remaining 6% in Indonesia. The company can produce around 4,000,000 tonnes of annual milling in every year, but the company is aim to improve its production of oil palm to a million per annual. Therefore, IOI Group had further investing into its research and development in order to achieve the goal of high yielding oil palm clones. Since there is a destructive effect on forest for oil palm plantation, IOI Group had announced an environment policy which the company will use the standard of environmental impact assessment and pollution prevention system and it might be consider as a method for the company to improve its public image as well (Ioigroup, n.

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