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Including Culture in EFL Teaching

            What is the relationship between language and culture? Do you think culture could be avoided when teaching a language? These are questions you might ask yourself when thinking of culture as part of teaching a language. According to Purba (2011) "Without the study of culture, foreign language instruction is inaccurate and incomplete" (p. 45) . Therefore, the importance of taking into account culture while teaching a foreign language. Moreover Purba (2011) declared that "Language and culture are two inseparable entities" (p. 1). Which in many ways it is true since language represents values and diverse ideas a culture held. People could think of many reasons why teachers should to include culture when teaching. But, avoiding misunderstandings, having a better comprehension of foreign behaviors and being open minded people are some of the most remarkable reasons why EFL teachers should include culture in classrooms. .
             There are many elements that could constitute a culture; but, language might be the most representative of it. Being that it is important to consider how to avoid misunderstandings at the moment of speaking in another language any time and any place. It is extremely important to know all the contexts, in which a word can be used, the appropriate intonation for each word that could change its sense and the specific places where a word can change of meaning. All this in order to make an appropriate use of the language in the place where spoken. If you do not know the different context in which a word can be use you could get misunderstood when speaking. For example, the word "terrific" in general ways means "very frightening" but in some other contexts can mean "very good or excellent" as when talking about a very good movie. By knowing the appropriate intonation of the words in any culture a student can avoid misunderstandings.

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