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Cancer and Animals

             Throughout this paper I will be talking about how cancer does not just affect humans it affects animals also. Cancer does not discriminate, it can occur in more than just people believe it or not. I will be talking about how cancer affect animals the same way it affects humans. The process for animals and the process for humans and how closely related they are. .
             Cancer Kills .
             Cancer has been around for longer than 3,000 B.C and there is still no cure for it. Cancer is the number one funding but researchers can't get a cure as to stop it from killing. Having no cure is what makes cancer so scary to the society, there is treatments which eventually can subside cancer but it is not a definite. If treatments are working and eventually "beat" cancer follow up checks are often to make sure it doesn't come back because people have higher risk to get it. .
             Catching cancer early is always the best, if it is a little piece it is easier to manage. Being strong and with support of friends, family, other patients, funds, etc.; they all help keep cancer patients strong and willing to keep pushing through. Cancer has taken so many loved people from young to old. Young and old cancer patients it doesn't matter it is all sad. There is no dominant person it hits it hits everyone not just young and old women but also young and old men also. .
             Along with that, women and men aren't the only ones to be worried about, animals have to deal with it also. Cancer also doesn't most likely hit just boy dogs or girl dogs; it doesn't matter there age either. Although genetics may have a big part in it, the environment around don't help, certain foods researchers say cause cancer. No one can hide from it, if you are a living mammal there is a chance of being diagnosed with cancer. Regular check ups are the best thing to do if you work in an environment around certain chemicals, or if family history has a lot of death due to cancer.

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