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Environmental Study of the Thi Vai River

             This report was commissioned by lecturer Virginia Vansconcellos, Introductory Environmental Studies lecturer- International Pacific College. Its purpose is to analyze the river pollution caused by industrial waste as well as give some solutions to tackle this issue, particularly regarding to the environmental scandal of Vedan Company in Vietnam.
             Being a Southeast Asia developing country, Vietnam has changed the economic status from an agricultural country to an industrial one. However, Vietnam also has been facing with a lot of issues in various aspects, including environmental issues and water pollution is a case in point. Apart from overpopulation and urbanization, industrialization has also played as a crucial factor seriously contributing to the current state of river pollution and put enormous pressure on Vietnam's environment. Vietnam has significant river systems including Thai Binh, Me Kong Delta and Dong Nai (Sahisna, 2015). Thi Vai River, which is currently still in center of one of the most sensational issue in Vietnam, occupies a large area of Dong Nai river. Evaluation the water of Thi Vai river has turn into a critical and pressing issue in the most recent 15 years in Vietnam. However, it is extremely complicated to solve this issue because of the length of Thi Vai river and the presence of different unknown trash water sources along the riverside (Long, Takeuchi, & Van, 2015). During the past few years, Vietnam's environmental authorities have accused many companies and factories locating along the river banks of directly discharging untreated waste water and destructing the river systems. However, the penalties for these contaminating actions still remain controversial. The decision on activities suspension has yet to come as the explanations of uncompleted inspecting documents and inconsistency in law application (P,T, 2008).
             The following paper analyses these issues and reports on the measures taken to resolve the problem.

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